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Locations for Virtual Office Ejari In Dubai

We offer multiple best locations for your ejari address.

Virtual_Office_Ejari_in Sheikh_zayed_Road

Sheikh Zayed Road

Virtual_Office_Ejari_Diera Al_Garoud

Deira - Al Garhoud

Virtual_Office_Ejari_ Business_Bay

Business Bay

DIP - Dubai Investment Park

DIC - Dubai Industrial City

and Many More Locations

Types of Licenses Virtual Ejari Can Be Registered

Ejari For Real Estate License

Ejari For Technical Services License

Ejari For Marketing Management

Ejari For Trading Activities

Ejari For Electornic Trading

Ejari For Delivery Services License

Ejari For Event Management

Ejari For Consulting Services

and many more

Find how a new businessman  slashed his business office rental cost by a total 100% in Dubai?

Without an office he registered his trade license. Initially unaware, his business now thrives in Dubai  without any yearly rental cost.

Entrepreneur like You can also do it, learn how Bizzfredom helped him with virtual office address and start your own success story in Dubai today!”

Say Goodbye to high Office Rental Costs in Dubai

  • Why lose your hard-earned money to mainland Dubai’s costly traditional office market, where rents take such a big chunk of your budget at the very start, where you need it the most? 
  • Along with that, the tiring and endless hunt for office makes you run here and there.
  • Well it’s time to rethink and consider smarter, cost-effective alternatives. Avoid lavish office expenses that your business model may not even require.

1- What is a Virtual Office Ejari Dubai and why do I need one?

  • A virtual office ejari in Dubai provides a professional office address and the flexibility to work remotely, hence no need for physical office space as you are used to.
  • Not only that, you can use it for your trade license registration and renewal and do all work remotely as suitable for your business model. 
  • For business meetings, you can use business centres furnished offices to meet and greet clients near you. It’s like having the best of both worlds.
  • This is the best decision for those who are just starting up in Dubai and can save almost 70 per cent on initial expenditure.
  • This cost-effective solution enhances your business presence and allows adaptable operations through virtual Ejari registration. 
  • It’s like having a bridge between the two, making it easier to make the transition and scale up when you think you have the requirement for a dedicated office or have excess capital to spend on yearly office rentals. 

What the first thing that client and potential customers notices the moment they see your business cards, websites, or brochures?

Let me break it for you.

Its your address.

They feel more confident and highly likely to convert into a client when you have a nice corporate address. 

That exactly what we help businessmen like you to sound more credible with our Virtual Ejari services.

2- How Does Virtual Office Ejari help You?

  • “Imagine freeing yourself from office hunting hassle and financial strain of hefty yearly rental fees.”
  • Get big time savings; what matters most for entrepreneurs like you is your time and money. Skip the enormous hassle of traditional offices with BizzFreedom’s virtual Ejari service, and get a premium Dubai business address.
  • With virtual office service, you get total freedom from office hunting and tiring paperwork.
  • Whether you’re acquiring your first business license or renewing an existing one, a virtual office solution is the right choice you can make.
  • DED requires an Ejari certificate to issue a Payment voucher. Virtual office ejari, guarantees your payment voucher is issued promptly.
  • Get physical office perks at roughly one-third of the rental cost, and cut maintenance and other office-related expenses. With these huge savings, it’s a decision you won’t regret.

3- What are the Benefits of having a Virtual Ejari?


With BizzFreedom’s virtual office Ejari service, you gain more than just a business address – you gain a professional image that speaks volumes about your business as a credible organization.


Imagine presenting a prestigious business address in prime locations like Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay and other addresses on your documents, website, and business cards, instantly impressing clients and partners alike. 


But that’s not all; we also help with Ministry of Labour inspections and bank inspections. As a result, your business not only projects prestige but also assures compliance with the necessary regulations have been taken care of. Get smooth sailing and hiccup-free business operation, this is what you have been searching for a long time.

4- How Virtual Offices can enhance your business presence in Dubai?

  • The benefits of having a virtual office in Dubai are amazing, it helps establishing a strong business presence in this region.

  •  Other significant advantages of having a virtual office in Dubai is that it facilitates Dubai mainland company registration; you can use virtual ejari for new trade licenses, thereby using legal addresses on business documents, creating a professional aura, attracting clients and last one you missed, yes, at the lowest possible startup cost.

Who Can Use Office Ejari In Dubai?

  • No matter what your requirements are, whether you’re a startup, freelancer, established business, or continuing your license to live in Dubai, our virtual office offers everything you need for your business.
  • The Ejari Dubai is ideal for international businesses trying to figure out Dubai’s economic conditions for their specific industry.
  • Perfect for exploring or expanding operations with less risk.
  • Saves on hefty annual rental fees, easing initial financial burdens at the very start.

1- Where can you use the Virtual Ejari certificate?

  • With our experienced and reliable services, you will get ejari services, such as virtual ejari, for your trade license. 
  • With our experienced and reliable services, you will get best ejari services for your business registration.
  • Not only that, as the cherry on top, you will get a Ministry of Labour inspection for company labour cards, quota approvals, and bank inspections.
  •  You can get all this remotely from any local or foreign country. We provide Virtual Office Ejari services and have been trusted by hundreds of businesses for many years.

2- Importance of Ejari for legal compliance

Ejari registration is a legal requirement in Dubai for all commercial leases. It provides legal protection to both tenants and landlords and helps in resolving any lease-related disputes that may arise.

Documents Required for Virtual Office Ejari Registration

– Initial Approval 
– Trade name 

Documents Required for Virtual  Ejari Renewal 

– Trade License Copy

Cheapest Virtual Office Ejari in Dubai

  • Get the cheapest virtual office ejari in Dubai for just 2950 AED for your DED payment voucher. Enjoy free inspections with no hidden costs. Choose from Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road and more. We have dedicated team of experts that provide excellent ejari registration services.

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Why Choose Bizzfreedom For Virtual Ejari Office in Dubai?

Our Reviews

“I couldn’t be happier with the virtual office and Ejari services provided. It was like  was a breeze, thanks to their seamless process and friendly support team.”

Linda Watson
Marketing Services Ejari
From USA

“Five stars for their virtual Ejari service! It saved me time and hassle.”

Abdul Malik
Fruit Trading Ejari
From KSA

“I can’t thank BizzFreedom enough for their outstanding virtual Ejari service. Excellent support”

Bernard Pelletier
Real Estate Ejari 
From France

“Exceptional service! Nice professionalism and efficiency and affordable than other.”

Leo Herbert
Consultany Ejari 
From UK

“Choosing BizzFreedom for my virtual office and Ejari needs was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. Their seamless process and affordable rates have saved me time and money. Highly recommended!”

Phillipp Fink
Real Estate Ejari
From Germany

Thank you so much Mr. Shiraz! I highly recommend Bizzfreedom to anyone in need of visa services. Their professionalism, efficiency, and excellent customer service make them a reliable choice for hassle-free visa processing.

Robert Avatar Robert

Excellent service and attention Willing to help and solve all your doubts.

Pía Heredia Avatar Pía Heredia

I have taken services for Dubai company formation and virtual Ejari, it was great help , they have a lot of options and affordable packages for virtual Ejari for my new trade license. Thank you for your services.

Info Aspire Avatar Info Aspire

I had a great experience with BizzFreedom Team .They helped me setup my Freelance visa without any hassles. Very quick and efficient. I will highly recommend BizzFreedom Team.

Tharushi Imasha Avatar Tharushi Imasha

A big thank you goes to Sheraz. He had very good services. I only contacted him one week to my visa expiry and within few days I had no worries about exiting since he worked very had and made sure I didn't get in to overstay. I'm looking forward to recommending.

Mary Wanjiku Avatar Mary Wanjiku

This business is one of the most legitimate company I've ever worked with. The staffs are very friendly. I used their Ejari services and they were exceptionally fast and accommodating. 100% recommended.

A S Avatar A S

Highly recommended. Maximum efficiency and quality of the service.

alejandro lugones Avatar alejandro lugones

Thank you for Great service with professional team, budget friendly options provided for business setup.

Mohamed Abouhafs Avatar Mohamed Abouhafs

Shiraz helped me getting my freelance visa within a week and I really appreciate the promptness of their work.. I recommend virtual zone for freelance visa processes, they are very reliable and efficient

Jan S Avatar Jan S

 Yes, with BizzFreedom’s services, you can initiate your business setup process from anywhere in the world. Virtual offices make it convenient for entrepreneurs and businesses to start their ventures in Dubai remotely.

Virtual Office Ejari is a comprehensive solution that gives you a professional business presence in Dubai without having to rent an actual office. With it, you’ll get a prominent business address and all the support services you need.

Virtual Ejari is available in just 2450 AED for 1 year at Bizzfreedom.

Yes, virtual office services in Dubai are perfectly legal. They are regulated by the relevant governing authorities and comply with the all  laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

You can get a virtual office ejari in Dubai by partnering with a service provider like Bizzfreedom that offers solutions compliant with the ejari regulations.

You can easily start your business in Dubai by renting a Virtual Office Ejari, which gives you a top notch business address in Dubai . This allows you to establish your business presence in the UAE without the hassle of setting up a physical office.

FAQs About Virtual Ejari Registration

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Features of Virtual Offices Dubai

Virtual offices in Dubai offer unmatched benefits and features for businesses looking to grow as rents in Dubai are going higher and higher. They provide affordable, cost-effective solutions like high-speed internet access, furnished offices, private offices, incoming and receiving receptionists, professional telephone answering, and mail handling services.

Ideal for startups and micro-businesses, these setups help companies launch and operate efficiently with minimal initial investment. You can get in touch with nearby virtual office services in Dubai for this. Virtual Offices for Rent in Dubai will help lower your costs.

Streamline Your Business with Virtual Ejari Contract

Obtaining a Virtual Office Ejari has never been more straightforward and rapid. Specifically tailored for DED license processing, the Virtual Ejari can be issued immediately.

Experience the convenience of managing your business from anywhere with our virtual office contracts. Say goodbye to long-term leases and hello to a smarter way of working. Bizzfreedom, a trusted service provider, facilitates the smooth registration of virtual Ejari contracts and management of Virtual Ejari, making it a hassle-free solution for Dubai and any foreign country business owners, entrepreneurs and startups.

Virtual Office space and furnished offices

Virtual offices are more cost-effective and flexible than traditional offices. They provide businesses with a reputable corporate address and support services without the need to rent physical office space. In traditional office space, offices are for rent yearly or quarterly. In traditional office space there offices for rent on yearly or quarterly.

By having an Ejari office Dubai and corporate address, businesses do not have to rent physical office space. They are like businesses in dreamland, with everything a company needs to run its operations conveniently yet cost-effectively.

1-What is Ejari and How Does it Work?

Ejari, derived from the Arabic word for ‘my rent,’ is a system implemented by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to oversee and regulate the rental market in Dubai. This system ensures that all rental agreements are transparent, legally binding, and set in a government-approved format. It serves as a protection mechanism for both landlords and tenants, providing evidence and validity to help manage and resolve rental disputes.

Aims to enhance order and oversight in the city’s rental market

– Ejari Online portal launched in 2010, streamlining the tenancy registration system.

– Records and manages tenancy contracts with the utmost care from initiation to renewal or termination.

Benefits of Registration of a Virtual Office with Ejari.

– Ejari prioritizes mandatory registration of all tenancy contracts.

– Ensures rental procedure aligns with UAE law to reduce disputes and legal issues.

– Simplifies Ejari Registration and Management.

– Online portal simplifies transfer, renewal, and termination of leases and ejari cancellation.

4- The Role of Ejari in Dubai's Rental Market

Ejari’s primary function is to bring transparency and control to the rental landscape of Dubai. By making it mandatory for all tenancy contracts to be registered, Ejari helps to prevent unjust rent increases and ensures that all parties adhere to the agreed terms. This registration process includes the issuance of an Ejari certificate, which is crucial for activating utilities such as water, electricity, and even DEWA connections.

3- Ejari for Both Residential and Commercial Properties

Ejari’s scope covers residential and commercial properties, ensuring that all property rentals are regulated. This is vital for maintaining a balanced relationship between commercial property landlords and businesses, especially concerning trade licenses and commercial use regulations.

Ejari Typing Centres and Business Centres in Dubai: 

Thankfully, Ejari typing centers are here to simplify the process for you. These Ejari office Dubai are spread across the Emirate of Dubai. They assist in typing up your Ejari documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the regulations set by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

Benefits of Utilizing Ejari Typing Centres

They offer numerous benefits. They provide expert guidance, ensuring that all your documents are correctly filled and submitted, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. These Dubai ejari office centers also offer additional services related to your tenancy contract.

List of Ejari Typing Centres and business centres in Dubai

Ejari Office Dubai Locations

1. Afnan Real Estate Registration Trustee L.L.C.
2. Al Tabu Registration Trustee (Al Twar Centre)
3. Al Tabu Registration Trustee (Al Barsha Mall)
4. Al Taresh Real Estate Trustee Services (Al Kifaf Branch)
5. Al Taresh Real Estate Trustee Services (Al Twar 2 Branch)
6. Al Taresh Real Estate Trustee Services (Al Manara Branch)
7. Al Manara Real Estate Registration Trustee
8. Amanah Trust Real Estate Registration Trustee
9. Approved Property Registration
10. Dorchester Properties Registration Trustee
11. Fast Track Real Estate Registration Agent
12. Injaz Real Estate Registration Trustee
13. Mubayaa Real Estate Registration Trustee
14. On Time Real Estate Registration
15. Seal Real Estate Registration
16. Takhlees Government Services
17. Tamleek Real Estate Registration Trustee

Why choose our Virtual Office Ejari services for your business setup in Dubai?

Choosing our Bizzfreedom means partnering with a trusted provider who offers expert guidance, hassle-free setup solutions, and various options to meet your business needs.

Expert advice on choosing the right Virtual Office Ejari in Dubai package

Our experts are here to provide personalized advice on selecting the virtual office package that best fits your business requirements, ensuring that you get the most out of your virtual office setup.

Establish your business presence with our Virtual Offices for Ejari contract

By choosing Ejari contract for virtual offices services, you get business support services, all at a competitive price point.

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