Shams Free Zone – Sharjah Media City Company formation 

Shams Free Zone – Sharjah Media City Company formation 

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What is the SHAMS Free Zone in UAE?

The SHAMS Free Zone, located in the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, is a world-class creative and media free zone. It provides a dedicated platform for businesses in the creative and media industries to thrive. The Shams Free Zone Trading License offers a range of benefits and incentives to its members, including 100% foreign ownership, zero taxation, and easy company setup procedures.

The Free zone caters to various sectors such as advertising, publishing, filmmaking, music, design, and more. It also offers flexible office spaces, coworking options, and robust support services to help businesses grow and succeed. The SHAMS Free Zone attracts both local and international companies, fostering a diverse and vibrant creative community. 

With its strategic location and favorable business environment, the SHAMS Free Zone continues to play a crucial role in promoting the creative and media industries in the region.  

Your Free Zone prowess is your golden ticket to not just international heights but also a local sales phenomenon that’s set to wow UAE’s market. Get ready to watch your business empire flourish on a global and local scale like never before!

What are the Benefits of Setting Up a Business in Shams Free Zone?

The features of Sharjah media city or Shams make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking a progressive and business-friendly environment within the UAE.

Strategic LocationSituated between Dubai and Sharjah, offering excellent connectivity to transportation hubs and global markets.
Business DiversityAccommodates diverse business activities from media and technology to creative industries and more.
Foreign OwnershipEnables 100% foreign ownership, empowering international investors and businesses.
Tax BenefitsOffers up to 50 years of tax exemptions, enhancing business profitability.
State-of-the-Art InfrastructureProvides modern office spaces with advanced technology, high-speed internet, and cutting-edge facilities.
Innovation EcosystemFosters innovation through networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and a dynamic environment.
Fast Setup ProcessStreamlined registration process ensures quick license issuance and minimal obstacles.
Business-Friendly RegulationsEncourages growth while safeguarding investor rights through a supportive regulatory framework.
Proximity to MarketsConveniently located near major cities, facilitating easy access to local and international markets.

Supportive Services

Offers comprehensive support services, including banking, legal assistance, and expert company formation.

Why should you opt for Sharjah media city SHAMS ?

If you are considering setting up a company in the Sharjah media city Free Zone in the UAE, opting for it is a wise choice. It is the world-class media hub for innovative business and inspires business growth.

SHAMS offers a range of benefits to businesses, including a prime location just minutes from minutes from Sharjah international airport and also 40 minutes from Dubai international airport. One of the best advantages of SHAMS company formation is the ability to have 100% foreign ownership, making it an attractive option for international investors. 

Moreover, the SHAMS Free Zone license offers simplified visa processes for individuals and their dependents, making establishing and operating a business in the UAE easier.

To establish your business or company setup in the Shams Free zone, a physical presence is not required. On June 1, 2023, the UAE implemented a 9% corporate tax. But, businesses registered in all UAE Free-Zones are exempt from this if they do not earn profits from activities in mainland UAE. This profit is less than 375,000 AED per annum.

How to setup a Business in Shams Free Zone

Embarking on a business journey in Sharjah media city or Shams opens doors to a world of possibilities for entrepreneurs. 

This guide outlines the strategic steps to establish your business in this dynamic and perfect Free zone, showcasing its advantages and streamlined processes.

 From researching market opportunities to selecting a suitable business activity, Shams Free Zone offers a favorable environment for business growth and creative entrepreneurship. Business setup in Sharjah Shams free zone following guidelines are essential.

Research and ValidationConduct thorough market research to ensure your business idea aligns with Shams Free Zone’s offerings. Validate your concept’s viability and potential within the zone.
Activity SelectionChoose a business activity that resonates with your expertise and the diverse range permitted within Shams Free Zone.
Legal Structure and LicensingDetermine the suitable legal structure (FZE or FZC) and apply for the corresponding license.
Document CompilationGather necessary documents, including passport copies, a detailed business plan, and application forms.
Submission and FeesSubmit your application along with the required documents to the Shams Free Zone Authority. Complete necessary payments for setup and licensing.
Office Space and LaunchChoose an office space aligned with your needs within Shams Free Zone.  Receive your business license upon approval and commence operations in the dynamic free zone.


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We will assist you with every step of the business setup process and helping you choose the right type of business license and setup services for your business.

What Business Activities Allowed in Shams Free Zone?

Shams is a dynamic initiative among other UAE Free zones. It is known as a media hub for innovative facilities like selling goods within Shams or importing and exporting of goods and services.

This world-class free zone focuses on services as a primary objective. The license includes exclusive rights to operate, own, and develop a business in the zone.

Business ActivityPermissible Services
Media and EntertainmentFilm production, animation, broadcasting, and content creation. Event management, advertising, marketing, and public relations.
Technology and InnovationSoftware development, IT services, and digital solutions. Research and development, technology consulting, and innovation hubs.
Creative IndustriesDesign studios, graphic design, fashion, and interior design. Art galleries, photography, and creative workshops.
Consultancy and Professional ServicesBusiness consulting, management advisory, and legal services. Financial consulting, accounting, and auditing.
Trading and Import/ExportImport and export of goods, wholesale and retail sale of goods. E-commerce license, distribution, and logistics.
Education and TrainingSkill development, training centers, and educational consultancies. E-learning platforms, language schools, and vocational training.
Healthcare and WellnessMedical clinics, wellness centers, and healthcare consultancy. Pharmaceutical distribution, medical equipment trading.
Hospitality and TourismTravel agencies, tour operators, and tourism-related services. Hotel management, restaurant operations, and event planning.
Real Estate and Property ServicesReal estate agencies, property management, and consultancy. Construction, architectural services, and urban planning.
Manufacturing and Industrial LicenseManufacturing of goods, assembly, supply and production of goods.
Environmental and Renewable EnergyRenewable energy projects, environmental consultancy.
Service LicenseProduction, reproduction, and distribution of services.
Health and FitnessFitness centers, wellness studios, and sports-related services. Nutritional consultancy, personal training.


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A free zone is a designated area in a country where businesses can operate with special privileges and exemptions from certain taxes and regulations.

Shams offers company formation services, service licenses, and e-commerce licenses.These criteria may include business type, share capital requirements, and compliance with regulations.

Yes, you can open a bank account in Shams to facilitate your business operations.

Absolutely, foreign nationals and expatriates are welcome to establish a business in Shams Free Zone, UAE.

Absolutely, foreign nationals and expatriates are welcome to establish a business in Shams Free Zone, UAE. Shams Free Zone, in particular, offers a conducive environment for foreign entrepreneurs to launch their ventures. 

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