Free Zone License in Dubai and UAE

Free Zone License in Dubai and UAE: Your Comprehensive Guide to Business Setup with BizzFreedom

Starting a business in Dubai is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs around the globe. Among Dubai’s many advantages, operating within a Free Zone is a major one. This blog aims to serve as a complete guide to understanding and obtaining a Free Zone license in Dubai with the assistance of BizzFreedom, a seasoned business setup service provider.


Benefits and Advantages of Free Zones in Dubai and UAE

Tax BenefitsTax exemptions and customs duty reductions promote cost savings for businesses.
100% Foreign OwnershipFree zones allow full foreign ownership, enhancing business control and flexibility.
Strategic LocationProximity to major ports and airports facilitates global trade and logistics.
Simplified SetupStreamlined procedures lead to quick business registration and setup.
Infrastructure ExcellenceModern facilities and advanced infrastructure support optimal operations.
Access to Global MarketsFree Zones’ ideal location fosters international business connections and expansion.
Liberal Government PoliciesThe UAE government has implemented favorable policies to attract foreign investors, creating a business-friendly environment.
Industry-Focused ZonesSpecialized Free zones cater to various industries, promoting collaboration and growth.
Investor-Friendly PoliciesIncentives like no currency restrictions attract foreign investment.
Workforce AccessibilityThe availability of skilled labor and talent pool supports business growth.
Regulatory SupportFree zone authorities provide regulatory guidance and support.
Free Transfer of FundsFree Zones allow businesses in UAE to freely transfer funds internationally, streamlining financials.
Flexi-Office Space OptionsOffers flexible office space solutions, allowing businesses to choose various office sizes.
Easy Start-up & Licensing Procedures

Free Zone easy rules enable entrepreneurs to start their businesses setup in Dubai and UAE quickly.


Process of Getting a Free Zone License in Dubai

Obtaining a Free Zone business license involves a series of steps, which BizzFreedom can help streamline for you:

  1. Choosing the Suitable Business Structure: Depending on your business nature, you can opt for a Free Zone Establishment (FZE), Free Zone Company (FZC), or a branch of an existing company. BizzFreedom’s experts can guide you in selecting the most suitable structure based on your goals and requirements.
  2. Finalizing the Trade Name: Ensure your chosen name complies with the UAE’s naming conventions. BizzFreedom can assist in conducting the necessary checks and help you navigate any restrictions or requirements.
  3. Application Process and Document Submission: Fill out the necessary forms and submit required documents like a business plan, passport copies, and shareholder details. BizzFreedom’s team will review your application to ensure all the necessary information is provided accurately.
  4. Receiving License Notification and Proceeding with Corporate Account Formation: Upon approval, you’ll receive your license and can proceed to establish your corporate bank account. BizzFreedom has established relationships with local banks, making this process smooth and efficient for their clients.

Types of Trade Licenses in Free Zone

The cost of obtaining a Free Zone license varies depending on the chosen Free Zone jurisdiction and business activity. However, BizzFreedom offers affordable packages to help entrepreneurs secure their licenses without breaking the bank. Their low-cost packages enable startups and small businesses to access the benefits of operating within a Free Zone without significant financial burden.


Famous UAE Free Zone in Dubai and UAE

Dubai Airport

Dubai Multi Commodities Center

Dubai South

Sharjah Media City - Shams


Dubai World Trade Center


Dubai Media City

Sharjah Airport International

Umm Al Quwain

Dubai South

Abu Dhabi Media

Dubai Knowledge Park


Jazfa Jebel Ali

Dubai IFZA


Role of BizzFreedom in Facilitating Free Zone License Acquisition

BizzFreedom accelerates and simplifies the process of obtaining your Free Zone license. With their expertise and experience, they guide clients through every step, ensuring a seamless experience. BizzFreedom’s team provides comprehensive support, including assistance with paperwork, document submission, and liaising with Free Zone authorities on behalf of their clients.


Additional Services Offered by BizzFreedom

Apart from facilitating Free Zone license acquisition, BizzFreedom offers different a range of services to support entrepreneurs and businesses in their setup journey:

  • Mainland Dubai Company Formation: BizzFreedom assists in setting up businesses in the mainland area of Dubai, catering to clients who prefer to operate outside Free Zones.
  • Virtual Office In Dubai and Ejari: BizzFreedom provides virtual office solutions, including mail handling, call forwarding, and meeting room facilities, enabling businesses to establish a professional presence without physical office space.
  • Offshore Company Formation: BizzFreedom assists with offshore company formation, helping clients establish their presence in tax-efficient jurisdictions.
  • Visa and Permit Services: BizzFreedom facilitates visa and permit applications for freelancers and businesses, ensuring a smooth process for obtaining necessary documents.
  • Business Setup Services: BizzFreedom offers one-stop solutions for business setup processes, making the journey quick and hassle-free. Their team provides expert advice and guidance at every stage.
  • Free VAT Consultations: BizzFreedom offers consultations on Value Added Tax (VAT) matters, helping businesses understand and comply with VAT regulations in the UAE.
  • Free Bank Account Eligibility Check: BizzFreedom assists clients in checking their eligibility for opening a bank account in the UAE, ensuring a smooth banking experience.

These additional services complement the Free Zone setup process, providing entrepreneurs with comprehensive support for their business needs.

Trade license in Dubai

 A Free Zone license is a legal permit issued by the authorities in Dubai that allows businesses to operate within designated Free Zones. It provides numerous benefits, such as tax exemptions, 100% foreign ownership, and simplified procedures.

Some key advantages of a Free Zone license in Dubai include full foreign ownership, tax exemptions, freedom to repatriate capital and profits, easy visa processes, access to industry-specific infrastructure, and exemption from import/export duties.

Yes, anyone can apply for a Free Zone license in Dubai, irrespective of nationality. It is open to both individuals and companies.

Most Free Zones require businesses to have a physical office space within the designated zone. However, some Free Zones offer flexi-office options, allowing businesses to use shared office facilities or virtual office solutions.

The costs associated with obtaining a Free Zone license vary depending on the chosen Free Zone and business activity. BizzFreedom offers affordable packages to assist entrepreneurs with their setup process.

Generally, businesses with a Free Zone license are restricted to operating within the Free Zone area. However, some Free Zones allow companies to conduct business outside the Free Zone under certain conditions.

Yes, businesses with a Free Zone license can hire employees. However, there may be specific requirements and processes for obtaining employment visas for your staff, which BizzFreedom can assist with.

 Yes, it is possible to change or add business activities to your Free Zone license. The process may involve submitting the necessary documents and paying the required fees to update your license.

 The time taken to obtain a Free Zone license can vary depending on the specific Free Zone and the completeness of your application. With the assistance of BizzFreedom, the process can be expedited, and you can expect a relatively quick turnaround time.

BizzFreedom provides a range of services, including Mainland Dubai Company Formation, Virtual Office solutions, Offshore Company Formation, Visa and Permit Services, and assistance with VAT matters. They offer comprehensive support to entrepreneurs throughout their setup journey.


The Free Zones in the UAE are located in various Emirates, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. Each Emirate has its own free zones with different specializations.

Any type of company, including trading, service, and industrial companies, can apply for a free zone license in Dubai and UAE. Each free zone may have specific regulations regarding the types of businesses allowed, so it’s important to check with the respective free zone authorities.

A national industrial license is a type of license issued by the UAE Ministry of Economy to companies engaged in manufacturing activities. It allows these companies to benefit from certain advantages, such as access to government tenders and projects.

To get a free zone license in Dubai and UAE, you need to follow these steps:

1. Determine the type and nature of license you require based on your business activity.

2. Choose the appropriate free zone that aligns with your business needs.

3. Submit the necessary documents and application form to the respective free zone authority.

4. Pay the relevant fees and wait for approval.

5. Once approved, you will receive your free zone license to legally operate within the chosen free zone.

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